Conceived and written by Dennis Livingston

What is this show about?

"Pop" songwriting takes on new meaning in this revue of music from two generations of a songwriting family - Jerry Livingston and his son, Dennis Livingston. While joined by family ties and a wry appreciation of life, father and son each responds in his own fashion to the fads and follies of two different periods of American history. Jerry was active from the 1930s through the 1960s, while Dennis did not begin writing songs until the 1990s. This musical conversation between father and son takes you from classics of the American songbook to contemporary perspectives on life in the new century - from Tin Pan Alley to Silicon Valley, and beyond.

For further information on Jerry and myself, take a look at the ABOUT DENNIS and ABOUT JERRY pages.

Has the revue been produced?

Yes, once so far. The initial run took place March 20-21, 1999, at The Blacksmith House in Cambridge Mass.

Is the show available for performance?

Yes. But please note that, to the best of my knowledge, performances are currently possible only at venues that have a blanket license from ASCAP. Other than that, this limited-cast, no set revue is ideal for small theaters, cabaret clubs, dinner theaters and cruise ships.
CONTACT DENNIS to request further information. The message should include your name, institution, address, phone, e-mail and website. Sheet music and suggested patter are available to anyone seriously considering a production.

Can I hear any of the revue songs?

Interview with Dennis about the revue

Click on this MP3 to listen to a 25-minute interview of Dennis talking about the show and the careers of his father and himself, along with selections
performed live by the cast in March 1999, broadcast on "Standing Room Only" by WERS, the Emerson College radio station in Boston.

All of Dennis' cabaret songs used in the show may be found on the SONGS page and showtunes on the pages for THE CRETACEOUS CABARET and THE WEAVER AND THE SEA.

A set of Jerry's songs, including both familiar hits and some lesser-known gems, recorded live at the revue, may be heard at LISTEN TO A SELECTION OF JERRY'S SONGS. Included are two songs written by Jerry's dad, Sam Levinson, in the early 20th century.


Note: This playlist was used in the original two-hour production. I am open to other ways of presenting these songs as well, including preparation of a one-hour version





This Is It (Ensemble)

Jerry Livingston, Mack David

Mammals! (Ensemble)

Dennis Livingston





(When It’s) Darkness On The Delta (duet)

Jerry Livingston, Marty Symes, Al Neiburg

A Little Bit Later On (solo, excerpt)

Jerry Livingston, Al Neiburg

Blue And Sentimental (solo, excerpt)

Jerry Livingston, Mack David, Count Basie

It’s Time For Roses (solo)

Dennis Livingston



Novelty Tunes


Mairzy Doats (solo, excerpt)

Jerry Livingston, Milton Drake, Al Hoffman

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (solo, excerpt)

Jerry Livingston, Mack David, Al Hoffman

Born To Be Bored (solo, excerpt)

Jerry Livingston, Marty Symes, Al Neiburg

Fuzzy Wuzzy (solo, excerpt)

Jerry Livingston, Al Hoffman, Milton Drake

Extinction Is A Terrible Thing (ensemble)

Dennis Livingston



Children's Songs


A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (solo)

Jerry Livingston, Mack David, Al Hoffman

Get Out On Your Own (solo)

Dennis Livingston

The Storyteller (solo)

Dennis Livingston







Grandpa's Songs


Come And Shake A ‘Shimmie’ With Me (trio, excerpt)

*Sam Levinson, George Norton

I’m Only A Faded Rose (solo, excerpt)

Sam Levinson

I Wish I Could Write A Simple Song

Dennis Livingston





It’s The Talk Of The Town (solo)

Jerry Livingston, Marty Symes, Al Neiburg

The Twelfth Of Never (solo)

Jerry Livingston, Paul Francis Webster

Every Time I Look At You, I Fall In Love Again (solo)

Dennis Livingston



Bedtime Stories


Chi-Baba Chi-Baba (My Bambino Go To Sleep) (solo)

Jerry Livingston, Mack David, Al Hoffman

The Other Side Of The Moon (solo)

Dennis Livingston





Midnight Jump (solo, excerpt)

Jerry Livingston, Mack David, Al Hoffman

Wake The Town And Tell The People (solo, excerpt)

Jerry Livingston, Sammy Gallop

Whatcha Gonna Do When There Ain’t No Swing? (ensemble, excerpt)

Jerry Livingston, Al Neiburg

My Lucky Day (solo)

Dennis Livingston



Theme Songs


Cat Ballou & The Hanging Tree (piano, excerpts)

Jerry Livingston, Mack David

The Ghost O’ Big Gulch (solo)

Dennis Livingston, Drew Miller

77 Sunset Strip (ensemble)

Jerry Livingston, Mack David





Zalambdalestes (ensemble)

Dennis Livingston



Work Songs


Just A Kid Named Joe (solo)

Jerry Livingston, Mack David

Bring The Loom (duet)

Dennis Livingston





Panthalassa (solo)

Dennis Livingston

Go In The Best Of Health (ensemble)

Jerry Livingston, Leonard Adelson

Who's this guy Sam Levinson? Yep, my grandfather (Jerry's father), who self-published a few charming songs that added yet another generational dimension to the revue.