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* Indicates a character is developed in some detail

First Narrator - Introduces the show in a monologue that flows from the opening number.

* Fatima - Young, headstrong girl, with a good sense for business. As she grows into womanhood, her ability to quickly learn new skills is sorely tested by a series of tragedies that disrupt her life.

* Fatima's Mother - Overly fond of her precocious daughter, she provides a model for Fatima of what a marriage of equals can be.

* Fatima's Father - A good-natured man who has a hard time keeping the books straight.

Fatima's Sister - A sprightly woman, she is looking forward to her wedding.

* Papa - A simple and plain man, all too ready to take care of the stray animals - and people - in the neighborhood.

* Mama - She is suspicious and gruff, worried that Fatima will be a burden to their family.

* Yan - He sees Fatima as more appealing than the person his parents want him to marry - but it is not to be.

* Homeless #1 and #2 - Two out-of-luck, hungry folks who stumble on Fatima as a good prospect for the slave market.

* Slave Trader - A bureaucratic, fussy woman who drives a hard bargain for the slaves she collects.

Mast Master - An older, soft-hearted man who recognizes the value of Fatima as a businesswoman.

Household Slave - A bit rough around the edges, she tries to be a friend to Fatima, training her how to carve a mast.

King's Guards #1 and #2 - A solicitous bunch, they stumble over themselves getting Fatima to approach the King.

* King - A rather desperate monarch with a need for help, fast.

* Prince - Quick to fly off the handle, he faces the terrible dilemma of falling for Fatima at the same time as he has to agree to the deadly bargain she requests.

Last Narrator - Closes out the show.


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