Words and Music by Dennis Livingston

If you're gonna be
a person who earns her money.
We can quickly teach
a skill you'll need.

I'm not in the mood
for doing a lot of talking.
Follow how we work and
match our lead.

Learn to make good rope.
Not so hard a matter.
Maybe gives you hope.
Better than being a hatter.

But ya gotta know,
how the work should flow,
here we go.

Loosen up some bales
of the proper plant.
Comb out all the fibers,
don't say "can't."
Ya gotta twine those pesky fibers,
twine them into real long strands,
uh, uh, uh.
OK you twist and pull them tightly,
very nicely with your hands.

There's a rhythm to it,
if you do it right.
Pullin'‚ twistin', turnin', day and night.
Just let your hands and feet get busy,
there's no time to frown or mope,
yeah, yeah, yeah.
There's really nothin' else just like it,
dancin' while you're makin' rope.

Now think of what rope's good for,
leading donkeys up a hill,
if they will.
And then there's hoisting bundles,
tying canvas to a mast,
do it fast.
If you like hoppin', jumpin', skippin',
rope will help you have a blast.

Yes, I want to do
the work that is being offered.
It will keep my mind off other things.
And you never know,
it could be I need to learn this.
Who can ever say what fortune brings?

Welcome to the club,
you get room and grub,
now please scrub!




© 1995 Hallmark Music Co.


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