Words and music by Dennis Livingston


Dennis Livingston introduces

"An Ordinary Day"
Out of the Box:
Black Fox Lounge, Washington, DC 2012

Performers: Julie Reyburn,
Scott Coulter, Kenneth Gartman,
Christina Connors, Alex Goley

The Stories In My Mind:
Metropolitan Club, NYC 2011
  Performer: Maris Wicker
Out of the Box:
Black Fox Lounge, Washington, DC 2012


Chrys Alam
Demo singer: Chrys Alam
Demo pianist: Doug Hammer



Length of song: 3:24

Song style/genre: Mid-tempo inspirational

Key(s): D major to C major to G major to D major

Note range (Low/High): A below middle C to B above middle C

About the song: Written in response to the events of 9/11/01, the song is a reminder of the fragile threads that are vital in forming and giving meaning to what we think of as an ordinary day. In a series of vignettes that pass in each verse from morning to evening, the lyrics depict the commonplace miracles that we habitually take for granted from both the natural world and the routine flow of human societies. In an ordinary day, we wake up to a life in which children head for school, people gather for lunch, the beauty of a sunset can be observed and the transactions of everyday life occur as expected. By its very nature, the song also carries an implicit sub-text. For much of the world, including many Americans, an "ordinary" day is one fraught with violence, fear, hunger, grinding poverty, little or no schooling, shattered buildings and pervasive insecurity. The song, then, is a celebration of and a prayer for the amazing occurrence of days that are ordinary in the former sense.

Gender point of view: Irrelevant.

Press: "An Ordinary Day" details beauty and appreciation in the commonplace, with lyrics that weave a vividly visual tapestry." Tom Kelly's review of Vandana Bali's show at The Plush Room (San Francisco) in San Francisco Bay Times, 10/5/06

Discography: 1. A WISH/Nancy Stearns/Track 14/CPW106
Available at: cdbaby.com. Individual tracks are also available at iTunes Store

2. A DROP OF RAIN: Songs of Strength and Hope for Darfur/Valerie Sneade/Track 2/Hmm...Productions
Available at:
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