Words and Music by Dennis Livingston

The early morning's mist
enfolds a blade of grass.
Three joggers huff around the pond
as students rush to class.

The hum of passing cars.
The flutter of a wing.
A child's laughter tumbles down
from high up on a swing.
The fabric of an ordinary day.

The café up the street
puts tables out for lunch.
Some tickets for the lottery
await a player's hunch.

Two boys escaping school,
ride skateboards down a ramp.
A girl in a department store
demands a goose neck lamp.
The making of an ordinary day.

The only life we're given is the one we now enjoy.
But we get so distracted by the things that can destroy
any sense of the miracles that are so rife,
the commonplace miracles
of everyday life.

People watch the sunset putting on
a first rate picture show,
while a bossa nova rhythm blares
from a woman's radio.

Night… commuters pack the trains.
Light … shines out from windowpanes.

A bed and food in a place called home.
A friend talking on the phone.
Clothes in disarray.

One star reflects in the evening sky
the flash of a firefly.
Twilight fades away.

May all the world
be able to receive
the extraordinary gift of an
absolutely ordinary day.





© 2001 Hallmark Music Co.


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