Words and Music by Dennis Livingston

I’m a kid in school on the Upper West Side.
I’m not good at sports, though I’ve sort of tried.
If I can, I will sit in the back of the class
where it’s easier to hide.

I get picked on for sure, I can’t make a friend
At the lunch table, I’m alone at the end.
All the songs other kids like seem stupid to me.
Hangin’ out in chat rooms is a bore.
Still I get through it all thanks to one thing more.

When I read my books, the world goes away.
I go on adventures, where I find
that I become a hero of the stories in my mind!

I’m …
Riding on the backs of dragons, searching for a wizard’s ring.
Setting out upon a quest, to seek the long forgotten king.
Piloting a hyper spaceship heading for Orion’s Belt.
Fighting off the aliens who want to wear me as a pelt.
Trav’ling forward to the future, empires tremble at my feet.
Talking to computers who think bodies are so obsolete.

I become a hero of the stories in my mind.

Now, my teacher says that I write very well,
which is maybe a way to get out of my shell.
And she knows of a new club for science fiction fans.
I’ve already got some plans.

We can talk about books, we can publish a ‘zine, [zeen]
we can put up a web site to show what we dream.

We can all be heroes when I find
I can share the stories in my mind.



© 2003 Hallmark Music Co.


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