Words and Music by Dennis Livingston

In Boston winter has many attractions,
skiing, ice skating and such.
Then there’s shoveling driveways and skidding on highways,
it all gets to be a bit much.

Frankly, as the cold unfolds, here is what I’d say:
nothing becomes winter more
than when you see it melt away.

Springtime in Boston people are lost in
thoughts of a summer fling.
Back Bay is blooming, baseball is booming,
ev’ry bird wants to sing.

Temper’tures rising, is it surprising
if there’s romance in the air?
Scullers’ oars dip up and down.
Persephone is back in town.
Winter’s past…
It’s springtime in Boston at last.

I would find it boring if ev’ry day were warm
or ev’ry time you woke up in the morning,
it was pouring or
sultry heat waves were thought to be the norm…
"well, maybe boring."

I’ll take seasons any time
even in a northern clime.
Change is what makes life more exciting.
Being laid back is less inviting.

When crocuses poke out their heads
and robins hop in flower beds,
my step takes on an extra zing
as Boston turns from winter to spring.

Proud Boston Brahmins parade on the Commons
make way for ducklings, no doubt.
Beacon Hill matrons, trendy art patrons
dine in the South End on trout.

In spite of all the traffic snarls,
magnolias blossom along the Charles.

It’s springtime in Boston.
Enjoy it ‘cause it goes too fast.
It’s springtime in Boston at last.



© 2004 Hallmark Music Co.


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