Words and Music by Dennis Livingston

We dimly saw the silhouettes
of freighters glide in silence on the Bosporus.
Past mansions on the shore that date
from days that were, to all appearance, prosperous.

Byzantine mosaics peered from
domes of crumbling churches.
Earthquake tumbled city walls lay
scattered from their perches.

Rain fell light and cool.
A misty day in Istanbul.

We walked along Galata Bridge
that spans the ancient harbor on the Golden Horn.
Where warriors and goddesses
once passed from lands whose names great empires did adorn.

The Hippodrome of Constantine
was gone without a trace,
here chariots swept ‘round the course
to win each fiercesome race.

Rain fell light and cool.
A misty day in Istanbul.

We took this trip to see
if we could ever compromise.
Perhaps postpone the break
that seemed to stalk us every day

But we just brought along
the tangled lies, the hidden sighs.
It was too apparent
our love had ebbed away.

“Good morning,” said the salesman,
“please come into my shop and have some apple tea.”
The call to prayer rang out as I said,
“there’s no time, my flight to New York leaves at three.”

Another shard of history.
Love’s poor heartsick fool.
I flew home alone
from a misty day in Istanbul.



© 2006 Hallmark Music Co.


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