Words and Music by Dennis Livingston

All the songs and pulp romances,
movies full of soulful glances,
tell us we will find a special person.
Someone who will fill our days
with laughter, pleasure, all the ways
that signify a love is lasting and true.
Alas, this person isn’t you.

You’re charming and attractive.
We look like quite a pair.
Living in the moment is
enough for an affair.
But we have no future
if I follow my heart.
We’re just better off apart.

This may seem so sudden
but it’s long overdue.
Surely it’s apparent that
I’m needing more from you.
Now I see my close friends
called it right from the start.
We’re just better off apart.

Of course, so many couples
try to work things out.
Sometimes that’s for the best.
But happily ever after
is not what we’re about.
When I ask for a commitment,
you don’t pass the test.

Don’t try to persuade me
to stay with what we’ve got.
I know at this rainbow’s end
I’d find an empty pot.
Farewell and good wishes,
I’m fin’lly being smart.
We’re just better off apart.


© 2006 Hallmark Music Co.


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