What is Cabaret?
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Contemporary Cabaret Songwriting


Singers Who Have Recorded My Songs

Commercial Recordings

Chris Coleman - "It's Time For Roses" on IT'S TIME FOR ROSES

Lua Hadar- "It's Time For Roses" on IT'S ABOUT TIME

Robyn Spangler - "Every Time I Look At You, I Fall In Love Again" on ON A LIQUID AFTERNOON

Dane Vannatter - "Sooner Than Sometime" on ME & MY BEST FRIENDS: THE SONGS OF BOB LEVY

My Demo Recordings

Chrys Alam

Sophia Bilides

Mary Callanan

Brian De Lorenzo

Jody Ebling

Michael Kreutz

Will McMillan

Shepley Metcalf

Gordon Michaels

Jan Peters

Valerie Sneade

Dane Vannatter


Pianist/Recording Engineer For My Demos

Doug Hammer/Dreamworld Productions & Design

Cabaret Publications & Organizations

Boston Association of Cabaret Artists (BACA)

Cabaret Hotline Online

Cabaret Scenes Magazine

Cabaret West

Chicago Cabaret Professionals

City Cabaret

DC Cabaret Network

Mabel Mercer Foundation

Manhattan Assoc of Cabarets & Clubs (MAC)

New York Sheet Music Society



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