What Do I Know?

Music and words

Words by Bob Levy
Music by Dennis Livingston


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Shepley Metcalf
© Eric Antoniou
Demo singer: Shepley Metcalf
Demo pianist: Doug Hammer



Length of song: 2:17 (with instrumental)

Song style/genre: An uptempo jazz song with a swing beat. A second version has a Latin sound.

Key(s): D major to G major

Note range (Low/High): E above middle C to F sharp an octave above middle C

Duet version available: No

About the song: There is a tension between the words and the bouncing, snappy rhythm. If done as a ballad or blues, as it could be, the song would be a sad story about a person who is a loser at whatever he or she touches. But Bob and I wanted a lighter feel, at least for the demo, so the tune has a swing-era, syncopated style. With this beat, the protagonist should sound more like a clueless person than a tragic figure when it comes to love and life. This character really cares about his or her lover, as the verses make clear, but has no idea, so we don’t either, why that person has left. That makes the title line something between a shrug and a plea. Thus, a simple song on the surface, but with multiple layers open to interpretation.

Gender point of view: While a man is more likely to be in this situation, nothing, alas, precludes a woman from the protagonist role.

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