The Weavers' Song

Words and music by Dennis Livingston


Demo singers: Jan Peters and Tim Sawyer
Demo pianist: Doug Hammer



Length of song: 2:31

Song style/genre: Midtempo showtune

Key(s): F major to C major

Note range (Low/High):
Voice 1 - middle C to D above middle C
Voice 2 - A below middle C to E an octave above middle C

About the song: This lilting duet has a "once upon a time" feel to it, as the parents of a family of weavers gather their goods and prepare to open their shop for the day. The music itself is intended to imitate the shuttling rhythm of a loom, while the lyrics interweave the end rhymes of verse lines as another echo of the craft. The recording was taken live from a performance of my revue,"From Tin Pan Alley To Silicon Valley" (at the Musicals Page). The song is originally from a children's musical, "The Weaver and The Sea" (libretto by Julia Steiny).

Gender point of view: Irrelevant



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