Words and music by Dennis Livingston


Ashley Lieberman
Demo singer: Ashley Lieberman
Demo pianist: Doug Hammer



Length of song: 5:36

Song style/genre: Moderate tempo with a classical underpinning

Key(s): B flat major to C major to G major

Note range (Low/High): G below middle C to C above middle C

About the song: The nature of the relationship between Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) and his muse, Alice Liddell, has fascinated Carroll scholars and fans since the time he became a renowned author of the Wonderland stories supposedly first spun out in the fateful afternoon Alice and her sisters passed with Carroll on a Thames River boat trip, July 4, 1862. Clearly, Carroll was charmed by Alice and she, like so many children, was enchanted by him. Beyond that lies much speculation.

The British film "Dreamchild," which partly inspires this song, follows the traditional image of Carroll as a shy recluse, comfortable only with children, possibly even a closet pedophile. More recent scholarship takes much of this image as mythical, noting that Carroll had many adult friends, engaged with a wide circle of Victorian cultural figures and, for what it is worth, lived in a time when Victorians had different views of children than we do. This song, in which an elderly Alice recollects her time with Carroll, reflects the ambiguity still resonant in the ever-elusive backstory of Alice and her great friend.

Gender point of view: By its nature, this piece is most obviously for a woman to sing. Yet, I would not ban a man from trying this one on, if you can bring yourself off as a plausible Alice (and what is one of Carroll's themes, if not morphing identities?).

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