Words and music by Dennis Livingston


Dennis Livingston introduces
"It's Time For Roses"
Out of the Box:
Black Fox Lounge, Washington, DC 2012

Performer: Julie Reyburn
The Stories In My Mind:
Metropolitan Club, NYC 2011
  Performer: Terri Allen
Out of the Box:
Black Fox Lounge, Washington, DC 2012


Dane Vannatter
Demo singer: Dane Vannatter
Demo pianist: Doug Hammer



Length of song: 3:31

Song style/genre: Romantic ballad

Key(s): E major to A major

Note range (Low/High): B below middle C to F sharp in next octave above middle C

About the song: A lyrical, sensuous ballad narrated from the point of view of a shy, bookish individual, finally driven to make a commitment almost in spite of him or herself to someone who cannot be lost. In part, this is my story, but the details are mostly fictional.

Gender point of view: It's usually a guy in the position described here, but "Roses" could be done by a woman who has no problem with the thought of bringing roses to a man.

Discography: 1. IT'S TIME FOR ROSES/Chris Coleman/Track 6/Dress Circle CRD1
Available at:
Dress Circle (UK)

Chris Coleman

2. IT'S ABOUT TIME/Lua Hadar/Track 7/Bellalua Records 1930
Available at:

Lua Hadar

Press:“‘It’s Time For Roses’ is a captivating story song with some word choices that got my ear (I like hearing ‘zen’ and ‘Bartok’ in this tale of a well-read but isolated person finding a new love).” – Rob Lester’s CD review at TalkinBroadway.com

"One of my favourite tracks is a touching tune 'It's Time for Roses.' Mikolaj Furmankiewicz in his blog Department of Virtuosity (Warsaw, Poland), October 2008

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