Puttin' On Some Feathers

Words and music by Dennis Livingston


Performers: Scott Coulter, Julie Reyburn, Kenneth Gartman, Christine Connors, Alex Goley
The Stories in My Mind:
Metropolitan Club, NYC 2011
  Performers: Terri Allen, Pamela Jackson, Lonny Smith, Dorian Woodruff
Out of the Box:
Black Fox Lounge, Washington, DC 2012


full cast

Demo singers: Kenneth Gartman, Julie Reyburn,
Alex Goley, Christine Connors & Scott Coulter
(shown with bassist Matt Scharfglass & myself)

Demo pianist: Kenneth Gartman



Length of song: 3:25

Song style/genre: Midtempo gospel

Key(s): E minor to C major to F major

Note range (Low/High): varies with choral part

Arrangements available: This song can be done as a solo piece or by a chorus. The choral version is for SATB, but this arrangement should be considered flexible. It can be adapted as needed to groups of varying sizes and voice ranges. For example, if you lack a Bass singer, that part can be eliminated or altered to fit a Baritone or Tenor who can reach down. A Tenor who can sing up can take some of the Alto notes and so on. Solos can be taken by different singers than indicated in the score, assigned to the same singer(s) throughout or shared by more than one singer within a given vocal range.

About the song: An inspirational gospel song about the need to make your life anew when challenged by a world of rapid & often devastating change. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

Gender point of view: Irrelevant


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