Words and music by Dennis Livingston


Performer: Christina Connors

The Stories In My Mind:
Metropolitan Club, NYC 2011


Dane Vannatter
Demo singer: Dane Vannatter
Demo pianist: Doug Hammer



Length of song: 3:51

Song style/genre: Up tempo love song

Key(s): C major

Note range (Low/High): D above middle C to E an octave above middle C

Duet version available: Yes

About the song: This is a joyful, knowing love song about what it really takes to make a committed, long-term relationship work over the years. In a way, the song could be taken as the sequel to “It’s Time For Roses” here’s how the couple that meets in the bookstore is doing 20 years down the road. The song could be done as a duet, for example, by alternating parts of verses from one partner to the other. You could also turn the song into a country & western waltz by changing the tempo to a slower three-four time.

Gender point of view: I think of the song as coming from the perspective of a married man since it's guys who usually need to learn what long-term commitment means. But there's no reason a woman couldn't be in this position too. The song can also be done as a duet (see the lyrics page).

Discography: ON A LIQUID AFTERNOON/Robyn Spangler/Track 10/other productions records 015882070263
Available at:
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Robyn Spangler

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