Words by Bob Levy & Dennis Livingston
Music by Bob Levy

Dangerous Women spacer Fringeworld
"Dangerous Women" was used as the title song for a 2011 Chicago cabaret show presented by Anita Kallen & Catherine Thomson
at Davenport's.
  “Dangerous Women” was the opening song for the show “Femmes FatalesA History,” presented by Anne Millar & Sonni Byrne at the 2013 Fringe World Festival in Perth, Australia.



PLAY THE ORIGINAL DEMO RECORDINGS      Rumba version: Ballad version: Playful midtempo version:

Mcmillan Hammer
Demo singer: Will McMillan
Demo pianist: Doug Hammer



Length of song: 3:27

Song style/genre: Midtempo rumba and tango

Key(s): F major to E flat major

Note range (Low/High): B flat below middle C to C above middle C

About the song: This song slyly celebrates those irresistibly seductive, perilous tempters who we encounter in pop culture, literature or real life whose allure may beckon for a time until you get singed. Lyricist Bob Levy says that he thinks of this song as something that could have come out of a musical comedy. It's witty as opposed to funny, but yet there has to be that underlying serious side to it. We've all been 'seduced' by someone who wrapped us around their finger and reduced us to mush.

Gender point of view: Relevant only to the extent that a male vocalist may present the song as someone who has come into the orbit of a "dangerous woman" and lived to tell the tale, while a woman singing this is free to interpret from the point of view of such a person herself.


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