Words and music by Dennis Livingston


Demo singers: Mary Callanan and Robert Saoud
Demo pianist: Doug Hammer



Length of song: 5:04

Song style/genre: Uptempo comic duet with a Latin beat

Key(s): F major to A flat major to D flat major

Note range (Low/High): A flat below middle C for male singer to E flat in next octave above middle C for female singer

About the song: Is sex only for people who are young, good looking and healthy? That's what pop culture constantly says, but it ain't necessarily so. In this funny-serious song about a couple in their 60's or beyond, a sexually-experienced woman explains to a man with whom she has recently become a close friend that older people need not be deprived of a sensual/sexual life solely because of age. Indeed, in many ways, sex when you're older and wiser can be more interesting than ever, especially if it is looked at as a process, not a goal. These sentiments are accompanied musically by a changing series of Latin rhythms.

Gender point of view: Presumably a male-female couple, but … not necessarily.


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