Words and Music by Dennis Livingston

Such a curious feeling,
happy, scary and nuts.
I forget what I'm doing,
nerves are twisting my guts.
Why that bounce in my footsteps?
Do I have a disease?
Is it the air?
Is it the food?
I don't care.

Such a curious feeling,
I’m as loose as a goose.
What could be my condition?
Possibly I'm obtuse.
Let me think for a moment.
Could it be what it seems?
Fits like a glove,
memo to self,
you're in love.

I thought that love was always a
cinch to explain.
It's just some
chemicals in the brain.

Now my poor neurons
think only of you.
Transmitting desires
That I never knew.

My prefrontal cortex
is caught in your vortex,
with the results all can see.

I guess this curious feeling
is meant to be.

Such a lightheaded feeling,
not that I would complain.
Life's become so delicious,
like a burst of champagne.
If I've got a new virus,
doctor, spare me the cure.
Out go the blues.
In comes delight.
Shout out the news.

I'm a new person, hooray!
Such a curious feeling
is here to stay.

© 2007 Hallmark Music Co.

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