Sagorin, Livingston, Hammer    

Jinny Sagorin, Dennis and Doug Hammer after recording "Bless Our Home At Hanukkah" at Doug's studio, Lynn, MA, December 2014 spacer Dennis introduces "An Ordinary Day" at the Iridium Jazz Club, with Ricky Ritzel at the piano, May 19, 2013 spacer Dennis with David Flora producer/director of "It's The Talk Of The Town," a tribute show to Jerry Livingston at the Triad, NYC, March 2009



Dennis prepares "An Ordinary Day" for recording with Chrys Alam, vocalist, and Doug Hammer, pianist and recording engineer at Doug's studio in Lynn, MA, 2008 spacer Dennis in tux "surrounded by my books crowded into cozy nooks" (see lyrics for "It's Time for Roses") in 2008. They're all science fiction and fantasy books (see lyrics for "The Stories in My Mind")

Dennis, Harriet Goldberg,
Bob Levy, Dane Vannatter at the NY Sheet Music Society, May 10, 2008
spacer Scene from Mesa (Arizona) Southwest Museum production of th "The Cretaceous Cabaret", March 2003 spacer The Muse strikes...

Dennis with Chris Coleman and Michael Nelsen at Chris' performance of "It's Time for Roses" at the Firebird Cafe, New York, June 30, 2000 spacer Carolyn Montgomery, Dennis, Sandi Durell and Francesca Blumenthal at "Now Songwriters," The Triad (New York), October 1, 2000 spacer Scott Coulter and Dennis at
"Now Songwriters," The Triad (New York), October 1, 2000

Dennis and Barbara Brussel
at NY Sheet Music Society, 2001
spacer Dennis and Julie Rayburn
at NY Sheet Music Society, 2001

Participants at the NY Sheet Music Society's
"New Songwriters" event, May 5, 2001
Bottom row, left to right: Kimberly Heilbrun, Amy Schmidt, Sandi Durell, Linda Burns, Music Director Seth Weinstein, Barbara Brussell and Dennis. Top row: Geoffrey Soffer, Davia Sacks, Michael Colby, Nicole Lech, Paul Katz, Kristopher McDowell, Jane R. Snyder, Debra Folley, Bob Ost, and Joy Bogen